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Frequenty Asked Questions

Business Owner

We do not have a refund policy. All payments via our site are considered final payment, no refund or no claim is accepted. We do this because we provide immediate download of our software via My Account page and there is no way to ensure that our software is actually removed from your server after it is installed. It allows us to help combat the fraudulent activities. We have an online demo for our users, this way you try it before you buy.


Business Edition is limited to a single domain only. If you opt for our Developer Edition, you will also get support for our product used on your or your customers websites. Your customers are not required to obtain a membership for continuous use. However, if you wish to use our product for any new clients after a year, you must renew your membership. As per our license, you are not allowed to resell any files that hold GoClixy proprietary license to third parties, or use access to our product as a selling point with customers or potential customers.

We offer free initial customization (minor only) like color scheme change, demo product import and export etc. to all our customers. Services such as major design modifications and feature enhancement are charged extra on an hourly basis. The hourly rate depends on the type of customization. We do not take Mobile App customization, the Mobile App is provided only as an add-on. It is also not covered under our 1 Year Priority Technical support.

GoClixy has templates and they are based on Bootstrap CSS files. You can modify them as per your requirements.
In our Business and Standard Editions, the core files are encrypted, you cannot change them, however, we are distributing theme files with full source code, you can customize the design as per your requirements.
Yes, you can easily migrate data to GoClixy, we have tools to simplify the conversion process. Some of the conversion may cost you additional, depending on the number of listings and the format of the data.kk
Our business directory software is highly scalable and can handle number of listings. Sites with Million of listings might need VPS or Dedicated Server for optimum performance. We tested our software with 2 Million listings and it worked great. One of our customers is also running over 5 Million Listings with our directory application.
Our license includes lifetime product usage, however, support and updates are valid for one year only. One month before the end of your subscription, we will send you a reminder message that your subscription is expiring soon; you could renew your subscription. Renewal is optional. Once your subscription is expired, the software will still work with all the features, but you will not receive any future updates. You will also lose access to the ticket system and no technical support will be provided.
You could run our script on a sub domain or in a directory. Just send us your hosting credentials and we will do the free installation for you.